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Pocket Island Sales
After much consideration, and a wish to become more active again within the group i have decided to do a purge of sorts
Looking at offers on these (DA points only) ><
DNA Splicer (Victini)DNA Splicer (Zygarde)DNA Splicer (Magearna)Face Paint (Night and Day)

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Doodle Dump 003 by Returu Doodle Dump 003 :iconreturu:Returu 5 2
Viking Invasion 05: Retaliation....
Finding shelter... again
"Find shelter in very old viking huts, nothing but wooden pillars, wooden and grass roofs."
All of the velox were on alert, though several days had passed since the last attack that had taken place against the viking leader, though so far none of the olive colored invaders had retaliated as of yet, it was a fragile time. After their own retreat, followed by the rest of their kind that had joined the battle; Merle's wounds had been tended to, potions and bandages applied to her wounds, Reval and Volpi had escaped relatively unharmed barring a scratch or two, as had Taiaha and the pups, which was as much as a surprise given the fact that Relic had outright attacked the leader. Once the metal colored velox had been seen to, the sand colored pup had been carried off, and given a sound telling off, not just from the two elders who were with her, but from the rest as well; the tension in the air
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Mega and Micro....
Rua smiled as Zeta darted past, she'd grown quite a bit over the last few weeks, and her acrobatic and gliding skills were exceptional for a micro her age; she was also considerably larger than a average for a micro, not that it bothered Rua, or Zen for that matter. Like Zeta he had grown, but whereas Zeta was overlarge, he was smaller than normal, and Zeta had taken offense when another human had referred to him as a runt, literally attacking them. Rua had managed to separate them, with the other handler coming away with a scratch or two, Zeta unrepentant and stubborn, had returned to clutch Zen to her.
Shaking her head Rua looked around, they were nearing the mega's 'den', it had become routine now for Rua to come out an visit the wild chimena, though previously she'd come with Nekone and Mercury, the two were currently occupied elsewhere, so she'd come out with just the two young Micro's; Zeta playing amongst the air currents, Zen was perched on her shoulder, happily nuzzling her, a
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Viking Invasion 04: The Viking Leader

"Congratulations! you have come close to pushing the vikings out of Vauturn. the Viking king has 2000HP. You will need to work as a team to push him out of Vauturn or completely defeat him. He is a wicked and crafty little creature"
It took a bit longer than the elders had anticipated before they were able to head back to the huts, the three pups had gorged on the deer meat, and they themselves had also eaten quite well; it just meant they had to wait for their meal to settle. Finally, the bulges in the pups bellies, especially Relic's had subsided enough for her to move without groaning about how full she was; still the trek back was quite slow, the youngsters pestering the 2 elders on various subjects, though Relic kept trying to steer it back to the Vikings, but it seemed even the adults weren't that knowledgeable, all that they knew was they were not native to this part, and were aggressive to the velox they
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So thats where all the sweets went.. by Returu So thats where all the sweets went.. :iconreturu:Returu 4 2
Monitoring the mega...
Over the last few days, Rua had spend as much time as she could possibly spare simply keeping the spotted chimena company, gradually xey had warmed up to Zeta and Nekone, Zen remained reclusive around xem, but Rua could tell he was getting more comfortable. Mercury had, or so it seemed come to a reluctant relationship with the mega, he wouldn't go out of the way to be with them, but the mercurial male made sure that if one of the others wasn't nearby he'd brush up against xem, though he growled whenever Rua brought it up and went into one of his moods, still it was keeping the mega in touch with others.
Noce again she was headed over there, both to keep them company and to monitor xem, the last time she'd been near, she'd begun to notice that the mega's ribs were starting to show, a sign that the strain of living alone, and away from the carnival in which the human had assumed the mega had been raised beginning to take its toll. So as well as the small selection of treats, Nekon
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Viking Invasion 03: Finding that food
"Living in the wild isn't always easy. You will need to find some nice yummy food to stop your Velox from starving and have enough energy to take on the Viking invasion. ."

Thankfully the three pups slept through the night, the fire tended to by Volpi and Reval, who took turns as well as keeping watch, their stamina far greater than the little ones, though the fatigue would eventually get to them, but a single night without sleep was something that they had done many times in the past, even if they hadn't had the threat of Viking's hanging over their head. The young tan velox was the first to start to stir from her next atop the older male; yawning Relic blinked sleepily up at dark brown face of Volpi and murmurred a 'morning' as she moved, disturbing Leafa who had been using her as a pillow. The green velos shook herself, and cuddled up affectionately to Volpi, even as she spoke. "Umm.. I'm really sorry.... but i'm hungry."
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Keeping the mega company..
Once again Rua headed to where the wild mega was currently living; after meeting xem the other day, she'd looked further into the mega's circumstances, what she'd found had confirmed what the human had begun to suspect, that she'd been left by the carnival, though whether by accident or on purpose, she was unable to say, but the carnival runners had not been back in touch. Shaking her head, she urged Nekone forward, though the brown chimena knew the location where xey lived, she still kept getting distracted. "One of these days, Neko, i'll be able to get from one place to another without you catching sight of something." She earned a innocent chuff from her mount and a purr when Rua stroked her neck. Mercury trailed behind them this time, the young male serving as a landing post for Zetaria, the young micro determined to improve her flight skills, though neither herself, or Rua had managed to coax Zen into joining her, the tiny micro more than happy to latch onto Rua, though at
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To tame the mega...
Rua shifted her one handed grip on Nekone slightly, reining the errant brown chimena back onto the path; though by this point on their trek, Rua had pretty much given into the fact that Neko did not do straight lines, still she'd taken to been ridden fairly quickly and had no qualms about either the human on her back, or the simple harness and tack she was wearing. There were two reasons why she'd chosen to head out today, the first was that she was wanting to socialize Nekone, Mercury and the two micro kits she had; secondly rumors of a large spotted mega had been sighted, and with some worry; many believed it was a runaway carnival chimena, which meant they had no idea how they would react to anything.  A disgruntled chuff, returned Rua's attention to the there and now, and she sheepishly smiled at the second of her 'big' chimenas, as she steered Neko back to the path. "Sorry Merc, wool gathering." She apologized, earning a roll of his eyes. As Neko's 'guardian', M
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Friendly Fishing
Tsillah reached up, giving the spotted neck a pat as Bolovan stood stock still, letting her pull the harness tight around his stomach. Neither were overly used to the rig, but today she had more than just herself for the appaloosa to carry. 
She nodded, giving the harness an experemental tug, and turned her attention to the tackle and poles she had gathered. Settling them carefully into place before pulling herself up. Her ears flicked as there was suddenly a thud against her back, "You are a prat." She spoke up, already knowing exactly who it was. As if in answer the neon's face was in her own, an all too human grin on the micro's face. "I take it you want to come? You'll be nice I hope?" It was like asking the Bobcat, really, but she made the attempt despite. Shaking her head as Preamult simply made xemself comfortable. Giving Bo a pat and a nod to let him move. 
The trip was surprisingly quiet, though Pree darted ahead on wing whenever xe seemed to thi
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Hunting 05
Hunting: Cassowary
Salazar slipped back in the small den, he, Rhys, Lustre and Arkene had eventually grafted out; situated in a slightly rocky outcrop, with a good vantage point, anyone approaching would be seen and heard from a fair distance away. Their were actually 3 interlocked caves, all the chimena's had done was enlarge the connecting tunnels and in some places, repacked the walls, to make them more stable; the furthest cavern was by far the smallest, with only enough room for 2 full grown chimena's at once, but it was the most precious, for a small spring bubbled up in the center of a crystalline pool; with bio luminescent flora growing around it, keeping the cave lit up at all times. The adjoining cave was were they tended to sleep, they'd even made a fire circle in the middle, though they didn't always get round to lighting it; for the most part, the chimena's not on watch slept quite close together, but each had their own niche in which they stored things, such as Sal
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Fishing 01
Prey: Fish, Turtles, Mollusks
Normally Rua left Toreth and Kaleth to themselves, as the two neons preferred it that way; but with their sire spending significant time with Nightwatcher, the two having completed their ritual of bonding, she'd taken it on herself to spend more time with them. Both showed just how much they'd missed Figment in that they had no complaints when she'd come to 'grab' them; rather than go scavenging though, a past time the majority of her chimena's enjoyed, she'd decided to go fishing, she had an old pole that would serve as one, and most chimena's were quite adept at swimming. "Allright, we should be ready." She said, stroking Toreth's head affectionately, he'd been very patient as she'd put the tack on him, and for a chimena that had never worn it before, he was showing remarkable patience. She climbed up gently onto Toreth's back, the young chimena shifting slightly at the starnge wait, but other than that and a twictch of his ears, he didn't
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Viking Invasion 02 - Setting up camp

"Learn to set up camp. May it be trying to light a campfire, learning to cook food on the campfire, or simply just sleeping around the campfire ."


The dripping of water on Relic's back her up from the deep sleep she was in; blinking she looking around, the inside of the hut was dark now, and from outside she could hear the rain pelting against the shelter they'd found. She stood up slowly, wriggling out from the other two who were still sound asleep, and moved to the entrance, peering out; she shivered as the cold wind blew over her, her head getting soaked from that quick glance. Shaking herself she returned to Riku and Leafa, and nudged them. "Wake up." She said telepathically, earning mental grumbles from Riku who curled up tighter., Leafa blinked up at her yawning. "Its dark out, and there's a storm brewing." Relic continued, the imp in her making her shake herself all over Riku, the cold water still stuck
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Zetaria 574 Tracker

ID: 574
Name: Zetaria
Nicknames: Zeta
Owner: Returu
Sex: Female
Species: Chimena
Subspecies: Micro
Ear Type: Mouse
Tail Type: Long
Mane Type: Long
Genotype:  ee Aa Sd Pgn Tby Vt Rvr
Phenotype: Brown Pigeon Tabby with Saddle, Vitiligo, and Reversal
Affiliation: Domesticated
Age: Adolescent
Zeta is possibly the most hot-headed and reckless of all Rua's chimena's; and that includes the bigger subspecies; she can lose her temper over the littlest of things, though the one creature she never does is with Zen. With him, she is highly protective and nurturing, and she'll always make sure he's safe and happy.
Bullet; Black Loves marshmallows
Bullet; Black Will tolerate no-one hurting/bullying/insulting her Z
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Pleeeeeease by Returu Pleeeeeease :iconreturu:Returu 1 3

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Parn Info
Scientific Name: canid parna thiri              AKA: Parn
Group of: flock
Lifespan: 100-120 years (cub 1-6 | teen 7-16 | adult 18+)
Gestation: 5 1/2 months
Classification: canine                    Function: hunting, guard, watch, racing, messenger
Best Suited to: watchdogs and messengers
Homeworld: Prthiri
Diet: carnivore | large rodents, birds, and the occasional antelope or tree lizard
Habitat: the "bases" of trees, as there is no ground. The enormous trees have thick root-like trunks, enabling the canines to easily crawl through the trees and live within the trunk itself.
female - > < - male
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Tirimiere Info
Scientific Name: felis alipeds              AKA: Tirimiere
Group of: purrliment
Lifespan: 70-90 years (cub 1-5)
Classification: feline                    Function: pest control, sentinel
Best Suited To: sentinel
Homeworld: Urikan
Diet: fruits
Habitat: forest floors and just above the brush line, the occasional shallow cave for shelter. 
Height:    MALE 2'                       FEMALE 2'5''
Weight:   MALE 30-40 lbs            FEMALE 30-50 lbs
Build: slim, sleek body shape, long legs and rough fur
Pelt: rough fur, semi-wiry to the touch,
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Senka by DragonPud Senka :icondragonpud:DragonPud 26 9
Wraithwing Info
Scientific Name: Saurian Larualae              AKA: Wraithwing | Death Flower Ghost | Dark Seraphim
Group of: death.. these guys don't come in groups
Lifespan: 350-500 years (cub 1-50 | teen 51-100 | adult 101+)
Classification: feathered saurian | sentient            Function: 
Best Suited To: total destruction...or making blueberry pies
Homeworld: Xalix | migrated to Tarlaxle
Diet: ANYONE/ANYTHING smaller than they are (which is everything)
Habitat: volcano hollows and lava pools on Xalix | enormous chasms that span much of the outer edges of the mountains on Tarlaxle

Height:        MALE 40' - 45'
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Dreamlander Info
Scientific Name: somniatis descensorium             AKA: Dreamlander | Dreamer
Group of: thunder
Lifespan: 500-600 years (cub 1-50 | teen 51-100 | adult 101-300 | elder 301+)
Classification: draconis | sentient                    Function: ??
Best Suited To: ??
Homeworld: Xalix
Diet: omnivorous | mostly carnivorous, however
Usually consists of large animals, such as mountain goats and antelope. They often hunt large predators for food as well. Anything meat can be considered as food, though they're, by nature, very dainty eaters. Theiri small mouths and somewhat delicate digestion makes it so they do not rush their dinners. Dreamlanders enjoy cooked food, especially adding their own spices to the meat. Special herbs, as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts often compliment their meals.
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Beyardi Info and Registry
Scientific Name: corvus saltator   AKA: Beyardi
Group: mob or herd
Lifespan: 40-400 years (cub 1-15 | adult 16+)
Classification: corvid equine        Function: unknown
Best Suited To: alarm system
Homeworld: Waia
Diet: grubs and other insects
Habitat: forest canopies

Height:       MALE 12'' - 15''              FEMALE 9'' - 14''
Weight:      MALE 10-30 lbs              FEMALE 10-25 lbs
Wingspan:  MALE 4'  
:icondragonpud:DragonPud 2 8
Thul Info
Scientific Name: scorpio caudae felin            AKA: Thul | Thulian (plural)
Group of: mob
Lifespan: 50-70 years (cub 1-4 | adult 5+)
Classification: feline             Function: rodent hunter, tracker, sentry
Best Suited To: rodent hunting
Homeworld: Aun
Diet: rodents, fish, the occasional large beetle; sometimes carrion
Habitat: forest floors, ravines and interconnecting tunnels (warrens)
Height: 9'' - 17''
Weight: 16-45 lbs

Build: munchkin, thick-bodied, short legs
Pelt: short, course fur, patterns can be avian, aquatic or feline
Winter pelts are muted colors of their summer coats, blending in to their habitat
Head: thick head, long snout with a l
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I hope everyone had a good christmas (if you celebrate it) and a happy new year, and i apologise for the lateness of this.

2017 was a bit of a strange year for me, the beginning was exceptionally stressful and had a major impact on a lot things i generally do; the latter end of the year was less stressful, but pretty chaotic; but some good things have come from this chaos.

  1. Completed my Level 2 Course in Complimentary Therapy at College
  2. Finished paying off my car
  3. Started My Level 3 Course in Complimentary Therapies at College
  4. Got a new job (whilst still working the old one until the end of this month)

At the same time ive had things happen out of my control, such as having to get two parts of the exhaust on my car sorted (literally just before Xmas -_-) and some others.

Now because of the chaos from courses, cars and jobs i haven't been the most active in anything, it isn't because i'm not interested just RL time was scarce; and the biggest hindrance of all has been the stability of my internet... which is non-existent.

However the time away from DA has settled my mind on one or two things, and i've had a hard look at the groups im in, CeCatl remains something i am fully commited to in the background, Chimena's and Vauturn i'm wanting to do more on and be more active. Dracomyr remains at a standstill as the group isn't fully operational, Aveum, is on the back burner until im more consistent with things. PocketIsland is where the most change will take place, i went from been fairly active with some pokemon to having loads and not doing anything, as such i am planning to downsize and sell alot of pokemon, many of whom are reffed, as well as bringning in a personal rule of must get each pokemon to level 50 before getting anymore. Though this wont be for some time yet as circumstances are still not great.

Finally on the beginnings of 2018... I HAVE NO FREAKING INTERNET... it went off sunday, rang up and our internet provider sent us a new router/hub, phoneline went off, they cant find a fault so it'd cost us over £100 to get an engineer out to see if he can fix it. So we have a new router that doesnt work. After speaking with our mobile provider, they've offered us a deal, this way well be able to either get internet back on the 23rd, or we'll know what is wrong.. for no extra cost, for if it doesnt work we can return it free of charge. They were also kind enough to add on 15GB of data to my phone contract (FREE OF CHARGE) so i can use it as a hotspot, so i can at least do somethings on the internet. As such i will not be on that much at all... or any less than i was.

Anyways, i hope everyone has a lovely 2018 ^-^



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